Calum Davies
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About Me

A Bit about Me...


I've always believed you should focus on one thing and do it well. So for me, I focus on videos. More specifically videos that embrace creativity and brands, designed to share products and an idea on social media.

Since the young old age of 7, I've been interested in a film. I started my first youtube channel when I was 10 and since then I have continued to grow my own personal brand.

However when I turned 18 I left school and started working as the social media managers for a photography store. After a while I didn’t enjoy working for one person at a store I wasn’t proud of. So I left the job and started freelancing. I helped multiple real estate agents learn the potential of videos on social media to sell properties and since then I’ve moved on to tech companies and other corporate clients.

So why do I focus on social media videos?

Well, mainly because I believe that when it comes to anything in life you need to remember you can’t be good at everything. It’s important to focus on one things and learn how to do it the best possible way.

So what training have I had?

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to multiple social media influencers around the world and all have taught me about one thing or another when it comes to making a videos on social media. When it comes to video production I’ve done a handful of day courses which were great and all but the best training I’ve had has been just getting out and creating videos through my youtube channel.

Do you have any goals?

My goal has always been to create creative videos and to this day I’m still living my dream and creating quality content daily.