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The Best Camera For Every Videographer - Panasonic GH5

Every creative has there favourite camera. For me, it was the Sony a6300 for the past two years that was. But after I got further into real estate videography and social media videography I found the image it was producing wasn’t to the standard as I was wanting to charge for.

So my new favourite camera is the GH5 with its rich colours that don’t lean toward the greens and blue or red and oranges. Along with its incredible recording modes which the majority include 10-bit colour, it leaves me questing what there is to hate. But I promise you there are things to hate but first let me talk you through my set up.


Before you continue reading this I want to make it clear that gear doesn’t matter and the reason I upgraded was that I outgrew my old camera.

My Set Up

First off, excuse the photoshop mess. Majority of the time I am filming ether handheld or with a gimbal with the GH5, Viltrox m2 and Sigma 18-35 f1.8. Along with the Tokina 11-16 f2.8. This may seem like a small kit but with the image stabilisation on the camera and digital zoom built in it means I can cover up to 104mm when cropped in 4x in a 1080p mode without losing any quality. Of course, I would love to get a full set of fast zoom lenses.

gh5 gimbal.png

So what made me go for the GH5?

First up it was IBIS (in body image stabilisation) since this is something I had never had before and I was wanting a camera I could use for run and gun style filming. After that, it was the flip out screen and 10-Bit colour. I personally stick to cine-like d profile since it's on my drone as well. Other then those small features there's been a lot more since owning the camera that has made me appreciate it a whole lot more.

What I Love About The GH5

Other then what I just listed I seriously love the colour science. This is something I never thought I would say about a Panasonic camera but the skin tones along with every other colour are all extremely balanced leaving the option to lift particular colours up to the editor. Along with this the pure sharpness of the image and how the camera reacts to harsh shadows as if its nothing. I also love how the buttons are set out. The Ability to change everything with a turn of a dial or a press of a button is incredible along with having 7 customisable physical buttons and another 9 virtual on-screen buttons are beyond what I will ever need. Not to mention the ease of switching between shooting modes and codecs it all equals a very pleasant and professional feeling camera. Along with IBIS it means I can finally use the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 at 35mm on a gimbal with out it looking terrible. However, there are always going to be cons.


What I Hate About The GH5

First of all the build quality. Well, only the build quality of the flip out screen. It feels like if I put the camera down it may just snap off. The other thing is the sensor size. Its just to small. Granted the image produced is beautiful it doesn’t make up for the fact that you need to use a speed booster in order to make any lens that's half decent work on the camera. I personally recommend the Viltrox Ef-M2 for its price. One other thing that isn’t great is autofocus however Panasonic has fixed this with firmware updates.


Overall the GH5 is incredible for run and gun filmmaking. I personally love it and for the price tag, it only makes sense. Cameras like the A73 and 5DM4 are great all round workhorses but if you are a filmmaker primarily then it only makes sense to buy the GH5.