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2018 Recap + Showreel

In June of 2018 I made the jump in to being a freelance film maker as a my full time job. Between then and the end of December 2018 I made over 60 client videos with over 16 Client’s and recorded over 4tb worth of footage. Its safe to say that I did rather well for my self.

January 1st - June 16th

I started the year working full time as a sale rep / social media manager for a photography store in Auckland, New Zealand. In my time at this job I learn’t a lot about lighting and studio filming. But it simply wasn’t the type of job I was looking for. As much as i loved the constant income I wanted to challenge my self while I am young and full of energy to work for my self. So after I did a few videos with Jadyn Dixon and more people wanted to make social media and real-estate videos with me I made the jump and quit my job on June 16th.

June 16th - July

From June 16th I started to get booked up weekly and found my self having to work longer days and worked on a bunch of social media content such as videos featuring jet ski’s. Then on July 2nd I got to film my first viral video.

July 2nd

Jadyn and I planned to make a video surrounding The Dancing With The Stars Judges’s as their season in New Zealand came to a close. It gained a-lot of traction and ended up with Jadyn getting a-lot of press and me getting a-lot more clients.

July - November

Through out July through to November I spent a lot of time emailing possible clients and working on creating a network and branding. Whilst doing this I continued to work on youtube and real estate videos.

November - December

From November onwards I spent weeks being fully booked for property videos. This included working with Proffesionals Real Estate in Pt Chevalier as their exclusive videographer. Along with this I helped Jadyn re-brand when he moved from Bayleys to Harcourts Cooper & Co. On top of this I got the opportunity to work with Victoria Bidwell who is a top agent from Bayleys.


Overall this year has been a crazy and surprising. I never expected to do any thing I did this year and I am extremely grateful for every one who has a supported me with my career so far. Bellow you can find my showreel from the year.