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The Creatives Blog

The Creatives Blog is a blog based around me (Calum Davies) and my creative life. Filled with Creative Showcases, Behind The Scenes Content and Daily Experiences / Thoughts.

An Introduction To The Blog & Me


I've never been one for writing. In school, I sucked at it. So starting a blog will be an interesting challenge.

For those who might possibly have never met me. My name is Calum Davies. I am a young filmmaker in Auckland, New Zealand with little academic achievements. However, I do have crazy ideas for films and I shall use those ideas to make a living.

The Past

Since I was seven I was fascinated with the idea of entertainment. I grew up wanting to be a tv host. I know that may sound weird but I like to think it was normal. In result of this, I made a Youtube channel with my longtime friend Hunter Williams. Ironically he is also a filmmaker. However the channel got taken down years ago.

Then when I was 17 I made the decision that I was to pursue a career of disappointment, regret, joy, laughter and creativity. Also known as a filmmaker. 

I will probably go further into detail about my past in the future when I have more past to share. If that makes sense.


So why am I starting a blog?

Im starting a blog simply because I struggle to be consistent on youtube. While im juggling client work and personal. The personal work has to take a back seat. But I am trying my best to make more youtube content as I understand in this world reading is no longer the norm. 

Whats the blog about?

The Creatives Blog is about me and my creative filmmaking career and life in general.

The content will vary between posts like this which are updates through to posts about behind the scene, gear recommendations, information about videos, random thoughts about whats going on in the creative comunnity and a whole lot more.

So yeah, that wraps up post one. Feel free to share it around and watch the youtube video where I announce the blog. I'll try post again soon! But until then...