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Dark Tourist - Watch


People often recommend shows for me to watch on Netflix. Which I love but it also makes me extremely unproductive. However, one show that I have loved recently which has also made me very unproductive is Dark Tourist.


Dark Tourist is a show created by David Farrier a New Zealand Journalist who goes around multiple countries to experience dark tourism for the first time.

David has made multiple documentaries such as Tickled which is also on Netflix.

For those who don't know Dark Tourism is the idea of travelling to places which historically were associated with death and tragedy. 

Throughout the series, David puts himself through a tribe initiations in Africa to rid his evil, meeting Pablo Escobar's main enforcer and a fake border crossing in Mexico. 

My first opinion when I heard about the series was similar to the interest a 15-year-old boy has when he watches his first slasher film.  Pure curiosity as to what the world outside of my city is like. I've always been fascinated by tragedy and death, not in a weird way. So this series seemed almost perfect for me.

My opinion after watching the series truly changed my opinion. I originally thought it would show a lot of the deaths and tragedy happening in a very tense dramatic fashion. But instead of 'Hollywooding' the series and making it overly dramatic David took a lot calmer and relaxed approach to the series. Truly allowing for the audience to make their own opinion about each story and person he showcased in the series. He had a focus on the content, not basic entertainment which overall made it a lot more impactful and entertaining.


Would I recommend it? 

Long story short. Yes. Its an amazing series to binge or watching one episode a night. In all honesty, it actually inspired me a bit to make a documentary. So 100% would recommend to anyone into travel, filmmaking or history.