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Film Makers On YouTubers That Inspire Me

There are so many youtube channels these days that it's hard to work out which ones you should be watching for inspiration. So I made a list. Like all good bloggers do. Of YouTubers who inspire me.

Dan Mace

You knew this was coming BRUUUUU! How can any filmmaker get by without watching this incredible man? Dan Mace originally came from South Africa but recently moved to New York when he started to make weekly content. His content often involves really incredible fast pace edits which a filled with the most random creative idea. He embraces the idea of creat everything and never holds back. 


Zach Ramelan

Zach Ramelan is just damn right crazy. He is one of my favourite filmmakers by far. He constantly tries to make content that is unique and funny whilst also entertaining. I've been watching him since he has 20,000 subs and im sure he's due a few more! His content is based around thoughts a lot of fo filmmakers have on a daily basis like; Uniqueness, quality, money, travel. He's truly down to earth and worth watching! He also uploads frequently.

Daniel DeArco

Daniel DeArco is an inventor, filmmaker, photographer and an all-around genius. His video ideas are simplistic but filmed in such a unique way. If he needs the camera to rotate he won't use a gimbal or a tripod but instead, he will build a motorized lazy Susan with lights that turn on while it's turning all controlled by a single button. His photo shoots are stunning and super expressive. I always get so excited to see his new uploads when he uploads. He truly reminds me that gear isn't everything and sometimes a bit of DIY is worthwhile.



So that's my list. You may have noticed none of them are tutorial makers or gear reviewers. In fact, all of them are just creators. I personally dislike people who obsess over gear and make tutorials on how to use it. Mainly because everything anyone needs to know can be found just by doing it them self.  However, if you do need to learn how to make videos or take photos Peter Mckinnon and Daniel Schiffer are great people to watch for tutorials.