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How I Got To Working With Seven Different Real Estate Agents Constantly

So I normally when I do a property video I film in the morning and edit in the afternoon. This way I can allow for a 24-hour turnover plus get to have time to my self in the evening. But now that here in New Zealand it’s currently the busy season for real estate agents. I’ve been getting a lot more clients. But this was no mistake.

Let me Explain...


It started off in winter or as I now like to call it the cold month of real estate. When I live bill to bill. This is when real estate agents aren’t so busy so it's a great time to get in the door with them and start meeting with new potential clients Its also a great time to do a lot of first time videos which I offer for them to try out my service at a discounted price since during this month the commission on houses goes down and so does their marketing budget.

This is also why timing is key. If you send an email or call an agent during the busy period they will 100% never get back to you or want to start working with you.

So how do you get in the door if now isn’t the time?

I tend to have a look at a lot of listings and see if the agent ether currently has no videos or are using their iPhone with a gimbal to make walkthrough videos. Once I establish how they are currently making videos I “go in for a kill”. By this I mean I write a very personal email. I generally start with saying hello and explain how I stumbled on one of their listings and thought it could really do with a professional video. I then use a fun fact like “60% of the internet's content consumed is video yet only 6% of agents use videos.” This is when I then offer my services and give them the option of looking at my portfolio. One thing I never do is disclose my prices. My prices change depending on demand, distance to travel and what the agent sells.

After a day or so I usually get a reply ether saying “no we are happy with what we have” or “can we arrange a meeting”. Once a meeting is arranged we talk I get to know the agents I offer some instant advice for social media and video then offer a first time price only available for two weeks so they can see what content I’m able to make them. They almost never say no and once one is made they want more and the usual cost.

Boom I got in the door during the winter months when the agents had time to talk to me.

That process of stalking real estate agents at the right time meant I’ve had time to really get to know my real estate agents prior to the busy season. So now that we are in the busy season I can make their videos even faster because I know exactly what they want. In fact 80% of the time the agents expect the first cut.


So what can you take away from this?

The take away is timing. Understanding who your potential customers are and connecting with them at the right time. There is nothing that I did leading up to the busy month unplanned. At the end of the day, I love creating videos and social media content and I hate putting a price on it but we all have bills to pay and gear to replace.

If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram.