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Little Life Advice Project

So I’ve always wanted to have my own on going project. But it has been hard to find an idea that benefits and removes me all together. As much as I love making videos and being in them. Some times Its nice to shine a light on some one else.

Introducing ‘Little Life Advice’

LLA LOGO website.png

Whats the project about?

The project is were i interview your favorite creatives and creators on the internet and then cut parts out of the interview and serve it up in bite size chunks of life advice videos. One problem i’ve always had with podcasts is that its to much to take in. So doing it this way you can still take in a lot of information however its chopped up into smaller chunks.

Where can we see the full interviews?

I probably won’t ever upload the full interviews due to the fact that the episodes are heavily edited and answers are combined. However I am open to eventually uploading full interviews in the future.

How can we suggest guests and questions?

Just leave them in the comment section of the most recent episode and I’ll be sure to sort it out!

You can check out the test / pilot episode down below featuring Kent Heckle

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