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My First Thoughts On The DJI Mavic 2 Pro3

See the bigger picture and price tag. 


Today August 23rd DJI released the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro. Both with an improved battery life, more sensors, new gimbals and cameras. Which all seems great. But are any of this new feature useful?

First off i'm not discussing the Mavic 2 Zoom as i don't see a lot of people seriously considering it.

That "Hasselblad' lens...or camera... or is any of the cameras really Hasselblad?

When I first saw the 1-inch sensor I thought it was amazing! Great for low light and paired with a Hasselblad lens it must be sharp! Expect after further inspection of DJI's website it ends up Hasselblad who happens to be DJI's parent company these days was only co-engineered and in fact, was fully executed by DJI. Which means no matter what Hasselblad told DJI todo to make it sharp undoubtedly DJI will have ignored some of this information and probably opted for cheaper glass, and even cheaper focusing tech.


But the 1-inch sensor is good, right? 

Yes, it's good! In fact, it's great for low light! It's a shame its illegal to fly at night with any drone of any sort in most countries.

But its 10 bit that must make is great for the dynamic range!

That's true 10 bit is better than 8 bit. But unfortunately colour relies on more than "bits" in fact it relies also on picture profile, compression rate, frame size, environmental conditions and the editor not pushing the colours too far. However, a 10-bit sensor will definitely give a visible difference in video quality. 

I was going to post an example but everyone seems to post over exaggerated versions of the baning you possibly get from a 8 bit sensor vs a 10 bit sensor.

So who is this drone not for?

It's not for those who want to travel and get great ariel images, the Mavic Air does a fantastic job at that. It's definitely not for those doing commercials videos or taking ariel footage to be mixed with cinema cameras. So that rules out travellers and professionals.

So who is the drone for?

In my opinion, the drone is for indie filmmakers and online content creators. For those who are happy carrying the extra weight and willing to comply with the law whilst trying to get the highest quality video on the lowest budget possible and most of the time by them self. I personally think its also a great upgrade for anyone with the Mavic Pro. Also a viable option as a downgrade for those who love their phantom 4 but dislike the size.

I personally won't be upgrading from my Mavic Air.  If I ever need to use a better drone I much rather hire the inspire 2 with a decenter gimbal on it with a micro four-thirds sensor.