Calum Davies
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Commissioned Projects

Commissioned Projects 

I tend to focus on one final destination and type of content and that is Social Media. However with the Real Estate world starting to introduce video content more into there marketing plans its meant I’ve been able to make two portfolios. One filled with purely Property Videos and the other with any videos I’ve produced with the idea of creating traction on social media.

Social Media Portfolio

When it comes to social media content there is a lot of planning. From what the video is about all the way through to which platform the video is going to end up on. Below there is a trailer for a web series I produced. An episode from an on going Market Update series I produce along with other videos I have designed to play well for social media audiences such as event and brand/product videos.

Real Estate Portfolio

When it comes to property videos I put a huge focus on image quality, music and editing. On top of this I also make sure there is a fast turn around time while at the property along with the time it takes to edit.

If you would like to work with me or have any questions about my work please contact me.